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Escort 101 & FAQ

Why don't you accept references? I don't want to share my real info.

Some reasons I don't accept only references: I don't trust strangers with my safety. I watch a lot of true crime and know that anonymous men could hurt me and dissappear into the wind. Also certain problematic people lie about having references all the time to cause problems for companions. Once upon a time I did take references but then I had a woman not get back to me for exactly 1 year because she didn't want her client to see me. I've also had women seeking references blow up my phone and be rude. All my clients for almost a decade have all screened with real info instead of references. Both regular joes and high profile clients...listen to my podcast on the topic if you need more info.

Why do you blur your photos?

1. For my own privacy and that of my clients.

How much do you REALLY weigh?

Many men who enjoy the company of FAT supersize women get very turned on by this detail...I save it for my clients who value time with me...As the site says, its 370+. IF you are lucky, maybe I'll make you guess when we meet...

What type of payment do you accept? How do I pay for your time?

Cash in an envelope with my name in a book or gift bag. If we are meeting in public, you should give it to me discreetly. If privately meeting, please leave it for me in the restroom of my place or yours. I don't accept app payment platforms for deposit unless I am established with a client either virtually or in person. With advance notice credit card (plus processing fees) or wire transfer is possible

I've never spent time with a BBW or SSBBW before...

While I see clients who are new to seeing companions, I generally avoid clients who have never spent any time with a BBW before. If you are 35 and never spent time with a fat girl/BBW, there are reasons. I suggest you see someone else who is a bbw and then contact me when you know its a flavor you enjoy and appreciate :)

I've never spent time with a companion before...is that ok?

All clients start off as "newbies" at one time- I'm a companion who loves what I do, both meeting new people and having fun experiences. If time with me is your fantasy or something you think you'd enjoy, I'd say seize the opportunity by first listening to my podcast and reading this website so you feel comfortable. The number #1 reason I turn down clients, besides not screening, is that they are too nervous/stressed out. If you are not comfortable then just wait until you are...then we can make the fun stuff happen.

Do you see xyz clients (disabled, black, skinny, bhm)?

Often I get asked if I see skinny/average/muscular/disabled/black clients or any other type... I see respectful clients. That is my ultimate criteria. Yes, to all the rest.

I don't like forms, can I just call you?

I prefer to arrange everything over email, text and my forms. You can email me the booking form info at bellamartinla@gmail.com if you prefer not to use my form. All info needs to be sent as a request. I also have discreet email to use with you that are not connected to this site or anything else on the Internet. Just fill out my form and request to use my alternative email. I am familiar with high profile clients and NDA's Once we have screened and I have your deposit, I like to schedule a 15 minute phone call for us to vibe before we meet up. If you call me, make sure its only between 10am-8pm PST and you have your screening info ready.

What do you enjoy?

So many things! Cocktails: I just enjoy a good piano bar, company...and drinks SPA life: I'm a bit of a princess... Sunshine: I love the beach and swimming, be it cocktails on am OC oceanview verandah or rubbing oil all over myself in Oahu. My gifts page may give you ideas of goodies I enjoy to wear and collect but I also love experiences...I surrently have some Chanel, Hermes and Gucci desires to help me shine like a bright latina butterfly... Eats: I've always sought out fun eats from fancy fun to local but this last year I've been very fortunate to visit some of the country's best restaurants" In NYC I've been to Masa, Blue Farm Hill, Babbo and the Avaiary. In San Francisco I've visited Benu and Coi. I try to be very open and just enjoy the culinary ride. Chicago and Nola are on my future explorations list..See my suggests for LA dining.

Are you seeing clients?

The short answer is yes and I am fully vaccinated as of May 2021

Before the Session

  • Read My Site. Enjoy it. Visit my social media. Satisfy your desire that I'm the exciting experience you seek. 

  • I am a GFE companion which means you will find me warm and affectionate, I enjoy a connected experience. 

  • My rates are non-negotiable and payment is in USD.

  • My hours available are typically 10am-10pm.(PST) but I can be available later by request/+100

  • I tend to be booked ahead a day, two or three ahead. Booking ahead is best if visiting so we don't miss an opportunity to meet.

  • Same day may be available but only if my schedule permits. I will still need time to get ready & LA commute. 

  • When ready to book, fill out a session form fully. Incomplete forms will be ignored. Understand screening is part of upscale escorting in the United States.

  • I am an escort, I sell my time. Understand that requesting paid sexual acts, even in code, in the United States is illegal. This will end all communication.

  • Bookings are processed between 10am-6pm PST. 

  • Please understand that for safety reasons, I only accept references from escorts I know personally or whom I've had extended interaction with. I do not accept references from escorts with no website or no well-established digital reputation. Additional info beyond references may be requested. 

  • If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please text me directly.

  • If you are seeking a same day session, please text me after sending the request form.

  • After screening is completed, you will be asked to send a deposit which is typically $50+/hour booked. 

  • I will ALWAYS confirm any additonal fees (ie parking, travel fee etc) before we meet.

  • After I receive the deposit but before we meet, I will ask to speak to you briefly for 10-15 min if this works with our schedules. We can go over any requests then. 

During the session

  • please leave the donation in an envelope in the restroom.

  • If we are meeting in public, have the donation in a giftbag or book to be handed to me aDo not make me ask for it. It ruins the mood. 

  • Any bottles of wine or champane, other drinks...make sure unopened.

After the session

  • For privacy reasons, I do not engage giving references unless it is an escort I have had personal and extended interaction with. This generally means they are well established with a stellar reputation. You may ask me if I know xyz and feel comfortable. 

  • I also will not give ANYONE a reference unless you have directly contacted or emailed me, authorizing it explicitly and giving me the info of the escort contacting me. These are security precautions. 

  • References are only available within 6 months of seeing me, and will be given twice maximum.