Before the Session

  • Read My Site. Enjoy it. Visit my social media. Satisfy your desire that I'm the exciting experience you seek. 

  • I am a GFE companion which means you will find me warm and affectionate, I enjoy a connected experience. 

  • My rates are non-negotiable and payment is in USD.

  • My hours available are typically 10am-10pm.(PST) but I can be available later by request/+100

  • I tend to be booked ahead a day, two or three ahead. Booking ahead is best if visiting so we don't miss an opportunity to meet.

  • Same day may be available but only if my schedule permits. I will still need time to get ready & LA commute. 

  • When ready to book, fill out a session form fully. Incomplete forms will be ignored. Understand screening is part of upscale escorting in the United States.

  • I am an escort, I sell my time. Understand that requesting paid sexual acts, even in code, in the United States is illegal. This will end all communication.

  • Bookings are processed between 10am-6pm PST. 

  • Please understand that for safety reasons, I only accept references from escorts I know personally or whom I've had extended interaction with. I do not accept references from escorts with no website or no well-established digital reputation. Additional info beyond references may be requested. 

  • If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please text me directly.

  • If you are seeking a same day session, please text me after sending the request form.

  • After screening is completed, you will be asked to send a deposit which is typically $50+/hour booked. 

  • I will ALWAYS confirm any additonal fees (ie parking, travel fee etc) before we meet.

  • After I receive the deposit but before we meet, I will ask to speak to you briefly for 10-15 min if this works with our schedules. We can go over any requests then. 

During the session

  • please leave the donation in an envelope in the restroom.

  • If we are meeting in public, have the donation in a giftbag or book to be handed to me. Do not make me ask for it. It ruins the mood. 

  • Any bottles of wine or champane, other drinks...make sure unopened.

After the session

  • For privacy reasons, I do not engage giving references unless it is an escort I have had personal and extended interaction with. This generally means they are well established with a stellar reputation. You may ask me if I know xyz and feel comfortable. 

  • I also will not give ANYONE a reference unless you have directly contacted or emailed me, authorizing it explicitly and giving me the info of the escort contacting me. These are security precautions. 

  • References are only available withi n 6 months of seeing me, and will be given twice maximum.