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30 Upgrade? Belly up to Isabella's Bar

My new locations desires some potent potables (alcohol/bar) so you can either get an extra time upgrade added any session or $50 off any escort sessions at my south SGV location or outcall (DTLA doesn't apply).Check the list to see what bottles apply and let me know.

Can't promise we will open it up, but we might...

List will be added to as my desires change...I already have my Luxardo cherries

Hour upgrade

-Opus One

-Dom (1998 or earlier)

30 min upgrade (1 750 ml bottle, unless magnum if noted)

-18 year Macallan (open to style)

- Don Julio 1942 or Casa Azul (any)

- Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose (magnum)

-Dom (1999 or later)

$50 off bottle list (1 750 ml bottle)

-12 year Macallan (open to type)

- Roku Gin

-Casaamigos (reposado, no mezcal)

-Buliet Rye Whisky (rye- costco size

-Veuve Clicquot yellow label

- Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose

-18 year Flor de cana (rum)

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