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Virtual Isabella​ & Social Media



I love to keep in touch with past fans or connect with new fans online.

Email bellamartinla@gmail.com or text me #virtualbella


$50/phone 20 min

$90/ phone  40 min

$125/ 1 hour (may be broken up into two 30 min session)


80/day texting



text & phone: inquire

E-gift cards accepted for virtual sessions. Email for an session and send ecards to BellaMartinLA@gmail.com. If using a cash processing app, please don't make reference to anything sexy.


Virtual clients: C*sh App &  Amazon ecards are generally accepted and anonymous. I also accept I sometimes will ask for other types  depending on my needs/wants. First time users should note sometimes processing of ecards isn't immediate...feel free to book me and send ahead.


If you don't want an electronic trail, you may prefer to also purchase the Amazon giftcards (places like grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS) and send me a photo of the redemption codes.

Credit cards and other processing Apps: Only accepted from past clients in good standing.