Email or Encrypted Email:

Text Me: (818) 853-5088
*No Calls, Text Only

International Clients may email for my WhatsApp or email theirs

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please email directly

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I screen ALL new friends using real-world info for my safety, no exceptions.

If you are unwilling to be screened, please save both of us time, don't contact me.​


Emails or booking form inquires without screening information will be deleted.

High Profile Clients can email directly, often you are very easy to verify through google/social media. 

Use my screening form on my contact page or email at either my encrypted or regular email. Your choice. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please text me directly. 


All potential clients must send:

  • Full legal name

  • Age— If under 25, full prepayment is required rather than a deposit.

  • Phone number—I will not contact you via phone unless you request that I do.

In addition, please include one of the following when you contact me


1. Employment Verification

Please send one or more of the following:

  1. A link to your LinkedIn profile (must be well-established with connections)

  2. Your work/company website bio, with pic

  3. A link to another website including a photo of you that verifies your employment

  4. A photo of your work ID badge and a photo of your government-issued ID

  5. A message from your work email address (contact me before so I can give you a discreet alternative email address not connected to this escort site or my ads)


2. Student Verification

Please send one or more of the following:

  1. Student ID

  2. An email from your .edu address

You must also provide a photo of your government-issued ID (you may obscure the address, but photo, name, and date of birth must be visible). This is to verify your identity and to confirm that you are 25+ years old. No exceptions.


3. Other Verification of Identity

If you are not currently working or enrolled in school, please email me with a description of your current situation (ex. retired, between jobs) and we’ll discuss alternate screening options. I can usually figure something that works for both of us


I may request to see your ID at the beginning of our first session.

You are welcome to send along provider references, your P411 info, etc.. However, references and site memberships are not a substitute for the above real-world screening. I do not see anonymous clients.